Friday, February 1, 2008

Lookout for Snidely Backlash!

Before you read: Just be aware that I know I am ranting about other bloggers, but it's more trolls then random people in general. And while it sounds silly, it is a topic that needs to be addressed.

So, after reading my short and sweet little intro, I hope you are more aware on who I am going to devote my sweet time to now. Not reality TV nobodies, just online nobodies. Yes, I am ranting about the irritating act of backlash.

Example: When I first heard about the movie Juno, I thought it looked like a cute movie about a smart girl who makes less than smart decisions. It had Ellen Page who freaked the crap out of me in Hard Candy, as well as other good actors. I was lucky enough to see a sneak preview of Juno a month before it was released. Needless to say, Juno is an amazing movie, one of the year's best, and when I went to rave about it on IMDB, it seemed that everyone else who saw a preview of it gushed about it, too.

Fast forward a month, and I go online to see the buzz about this little movie. It turns out, the users on IMDB figured since it was a popular movie that they should clog the web with scathing attacks against a movie. It's a movie for god's sake, not the Vietnam war. Why get so bent out of shape about a movie?

And then the light bulb in my head (Or the computer screen) went off and I realized their intents, their sick, sick attempts to piss me off. They were doing it based on popularity?

Why? Why bash anything that is popular and expect people to take credit for what you have to say. It's pretty much as elitist as elitist gets, it's childish and it also just makes you look like an idiot when you claim to be non-conformist. Pshaw, that's pathetic. What kind of sad person takes pot shots at Diablo Cody just because she got famous for her wit, her personality and most of all her script. She is rightfully famous, let her bask in her own glory.

And another thing, why do people immediately use the word, pretentious to describe a movie they didn't understand? In my honest opinion, it's pretty pretentious to make yourself out to be an intelligent scholar and a bright internet user when all you're doing is calling something pretentious when you didn't understand/get the movie. If you dislike the movie, it's fine. If you disliked the movie, then claim that everyone who does is a moron, then I do have a bit of a gripe with you.

If a movie is popular among audiences, it will get blasted. If it is critically acclaimed, it will get shot in the back. If it gets Oscar wins/nominations, it will be taunted and kicked in the shins. The shins I tell you!

And to be honest, I don't really know why I do this, but yet I do it because only the bloggers will understand the problems some people have dealing with the zeitgeist of today, the culture and the movies we love and how people devote their time to bash a movie only because nobody will find them. For that I will roll my eyes and click my tongue, because now that I have ceased to rant/vent about the matter, I am clean.

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Sharon said...

Hahaha, i've stopped reading the movie reviews in the papers cause your's are so much more entertaining!