Friday, September 28, 2007

Miranda July, You are My favorite person. A review for: No One Belongs Here More Then You by Miranda July

No One Belongs Here More Then You by Miranda July

For those who don't know one of the indie scene's biggest crushes, Miranda July is a talented woman who is able to create anything from films both full length and short, to music videos of songs by Sleater-Kinney and now July has composed a short story collection of fiction that carries her off beat, sexy and endearing voice rich with human emotions. Reading No One Belongs Here More Then You to me was a true joy, seeing as July is such a unique person. Each story is just full of amazing characters who live ordinary situations in life as well as some that are out of the ordinary. Her stories range from a woman who teaches swimming lessons in her kitchen, to an agoraphobic who befriends a young boy. In fact, the title of one story, Making Love in 2003 has inspired the title of this blog. So check out this book please. Love her or hate her, July is still one of the most unique female voices out there, so feel free to bask in her wonderment.