Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Beautiful Thing
Year: 1996
Directed by: Hettie Macdonald
Starring: Glen Berry, Scott Neil and Tameka Empson.

I figured since V Day is coming closer, and since I need to write some reviews for movies, I have decided to review romance movies. Also, this movie can fit in a category of Great Movies You've Never Heard Of. So, enjoy!

If you are like most people, you probably have never heard of Beautiful Thing, unless you are Darcie or my Canadian friend Ben. But do not worry, I will tell you.

The story takes place in England with two next door neighbors, Ste and Jamie. Jamie has a single mother who is seeing a guy named Tony, Ste is in an abusive household with a violent father and brother. Also their neighbor is the flamboyant and totally bizarre Leah, a teenage girl who idolizes Mama Cass, hence the soundtrack is laden with Cass' songs. As the movie progresses, the two boys start to grow feelings for each other and fall in love. The only problem is that being gay isn't very popular in society and Ste's father would kill him if he had a gay son.

If this sounds a bit formulaic, it is somewhat intended to be. It's tagline, "An Urban Fairy Tale" proves it right, this is a movie that wants to lift your soul and make you feel good. It's sweet, it's moving and unlike most gay romances, no graphic sex. In fact, not much sex at all, though you can insinuate some things that happen off camera.

Another thing about the movie, which depending on whether or not you saw it/liked it, is that in my opinion it outweighs Brokeback Mountain by a long shot. With Brokeback it's a movie essentially about cheating on your spouse. Watching this movie made me feel kind of bummed, seeing as I was expecting a moving and altogether inspiring experience, all I got out of it was just another blah story about love and cheating. Which, regardless of the sexes of the people involved is still low. I thought Beautiful Thing did a better job at addressing the important themes that coincide with today's issues and the whole gay rights debate. If a movie can be both daring and sweet then it has succeeded.

In short, I love this movie because it's just such an upbeat movie that makes me smile whenever I think about it. It's not only a great movie, but also one that is very memorable and truly a beautiful thing.

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