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The Kids are Alright: Movies for kids who Aren't blockheads.

These days, it's hard to find a decent movie for kids. Which is a bummer, seeing as when I was a young one, movies for kids were both good and bad. I'm not going to glorify my generation, we did spawn Pokemon and other crap that rots kids minds. But you know what, who doesn't grow up watching crap for kids movies. I loved many movies that nowadays haunt my dreams and try to steal my childhood. And for some odd reason, tonight, I feel gracious and returning to my childhood or movies that have helped shape it. So, feast in the glory of what I think are movies mandatory for kids who aren't afraid to be moved and maybe changed. Entertained and educated.

Pixar Movies
The thing that is so lucky for kids is that they have the ability to watch Pixar movies, which are also great for people older then six, because Pixar is the greatest company these days for entertainment for both kids and adults. While some might not be as great gems as others(A Bug's Life, Cars, meh.) It doesn't mean that they are horrible movies, every Pixar movie is a gem in its own way. From Toy Story, it's first to Finding Nemo, my favorite, to Ratatouille, their latest and most advanced film. So watch a Pixar movie and I'm sure you'll love it.

Beauty and the Beast
When growing up, this movie was constantly in and out of my VCR, I'd watch it, recite the lines and sing along. First of all, I loved how Belle was a book lover, smart, independent and didn't fall head over heels in love with the beast and was in no rush to get married. It's a tale about looking past people's differences and accepting them for who they are. Which, as the years go by has meant a lot to me. I feel even more emotion for the characters, and the odd thing is when the beast is ready to 'die' I lose it, so sue me. But yeah, I'm still not afraid to express my love for this movie.

The Wizard of OZ
In my humble opinion, it's movies like these that truly make me appreciate life and everything about it. This movie not only has a great song, but also fun characters, amazing scenery and sets and it just is near perfect. From the Sepia beginning to its famous heel clicking climax, this movie has it all. Singing scarecrows, lions afraid of their own shadows and men of tin in need of a heart. Plus a nasty witch who uncannily resembles Ann Coulter(Am I Right?) And the film's message sticks with me, "If I ever go looking for my heart's desire, I'll look no further then my own backyard." Oh, and there is no munchkin suicide, deal with it! Pink Floyd is only heard by people on LSD, it's not intentional, god!

The Lion King
If you think about it, this movie is pretty much Hamlet with hyenas. Or as it was called by the producers, Bamlet. You cannot go wrong with this movie, it's a spectacular movie, both visually and story wise. It is also the first Disney movie that shows an on screen death of one of its characters. So whoa, it's intense. Plus, you cannot go wrong with the phrase "Hakuna Matata" it's the ultimate slacker saying, but the film is most certainly not a slacker film.
P.S I will not deny that the letters S E and X are in the dust, that's just creepy beyond all belief.

To Kill a Mockingbird
It may be a bit intense for some kids, due to its subject matter surrounding rape, but nonetheless it is a movie that unites everyone. Both sweet and heartbreaking, loving and realistic, this is most definitely one of the best movies about growing up. Who wouldn't want a father like Atticus Finch? A man who stands up for what's right and isn't afraid to lose. It's just as important as it is incredible. Hits many cords and also changes you a bit.
And to people who haven't seen it, prepare yourself to lose it when you finally meet Boo Radley, the town boogyman. It goes down as one of the most moving scenes in movie

Stand by Me
Well, technically, this is the only R rated movie that fits in the category of personal favorite films, but still its a movie that is all about growing up and coming of age. Like Mockingbird, Stand by Me portrays life as a kid the way life as a kid is. Hard, and sometimes unfair, but also fun and full of adventure. We have the boy who is convinced that he will never receive the love his older brother who was killed got, one who is trying to prove that he isn't a bad kid, he just comes from a bad background as well as the movie's two other kids, kids who see the youthful side of life. It has the moving message of friendship, something that is important to children. So do not miss this one.
Oh, and a side note: When you watch Y Tu Mama Tambien, it's pretty much Stand by Me, only with sex, drugs and jerking off beside the pool. But hey, it's a coming of age movie about friendship!

A Christmas Story

Ok, I need to move onto a comedy or else I'll cry hysterically at my keyboard. Which no blogger likes, trust me. If you haven't seen this Christmas gem, then you must live in a cave or have a damn good explanation for why you haven't seen such a funny movie. And believe me, it is freaking Hilarious. From the boyhood obsession with a toy gun to the bully with yellow eyes(I swear!) to the most erotic household item. Ever. It's Christmas, the way it actually is.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I will say that this movie scared the crap out of me when it came out, but now it has become an amazing movie that just brings out the kid in me. I can watch it and love it no matter what holiday, Christmas or Halloween it works either way. And trust me, you'll stare in wonder at the magnificent clay mation and the visual effects that truly make this one a classic Gothic kids movie.

Spirited Away
And finally, one of my more recent favorite movies, Spirited Away simply blows me away every time I see it. From its lush visuals to its breathtaking story about witches, spirits a
nd all things mystical and magical. Plus, it has an incredible story that is both reminiscent to Oz and Alice in Wonderland. It's not only a fine piece of animation, but also a film that just blows you away. I'm positive it will be a movie I show to my kids when I do marry and have them. It'll just astound them and it is destined to be a classic.

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